Jarek Jurasz

Sudety 1987

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Wspomnienia obozu wędrownego w Sudetach, 1987. Znalazłem na starych slajdach po 30stu latach.

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I have this old Win7 32-bit laptop with 4 GB of RAM, but it was only able to use about 2.9 GB, the rest was "reserved for hardware". Recently I came across an interesting article by Raymond.CC "Make Windows 7, 8 and Vista 32-bit (x86) Support More Than 4GB Memory" and PatchPae2 by Wen Jia Liu aka wj32, which should enable PAE up to 128 GB for all current 32-bit Windows versions.

However, the patch of my current Windows 7 SP1 winload.exe version 6.1.7601.23569 failed, so I fixed it.

The result: PatchPae2.exe
Source and install instructions

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The LED lightbulbs should use less power (sure) and work for years (not quite). At least 20.000 hours - that would be almost 10 years at 6 hours a day. But I see many of those die after a month or two. They flicker or seem completely dead. Why? What can be done?

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I provide a Unicode / MinGW port of finddupe duplicate file detector and eliminator for Windows by Matthias Wandel on github.


I really like finddupe when I look for duplicate files among books or photos. It is fast and clever thanks to CRC file signatures. It can also find NTFS har...

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